Welcome To My Whims

This is where I will be posting various pathtag designs for sale, as well as the occasional musing. Welcome to my whims! You can contact me at LiLangeL181@aol.com for all of your pathtag needs.

About My Pathtag Designs

Artists are notoriously poor... Don't tell me you've never heard of the classic "starving artist"!

To help bring in a little extra money I design pathtags for production on pathtags.com.  If you would like to purchase one of my designs, (and I would love for you to want to purchase one of my designs!) please email me at LiLangeL181@aol.com.  I accept PayPal only right now, and if no price is listed feel free to make an offer.  Personalized text can be added or edited at no charge.  I also ask for two completed tags for my portfolio.

What is a pathtag you say?  A pathtag is a small metal charm used by geocachers as personal signature items.  It is about the size of a US Quarter or a 1 Euro coin.  Unlike a Travel Bug or Geocoin, pathtags are not meant to go anywhere.  They can be kept in private collections, and traded.  I will post designs as I come up with them, and am always looking for ideas/ inspiration and/ or commissions.

I got into geocaching in early 2008, as a way to get off my butt and so I could quit physical therapy. Everyone kept telling me 'just go for a walk' but I found that after a block or two I was bored and tired of walking. Geocaching gives me a goal. "It's only 0.2 miles (as the crow flies)... I can walk that! Only 500 more feet... Almost there! It must be here... walks in circles... Jackpot!" I figure by the time all that happens and I retrace my steps back home I've probably walked about half a mile and gotten a smiley for my efforts. What could be better?

Creating pathtags combines two of my loves, geocaching and art. Plus, it is ridiculously satisfying seeing one of my creations cast in metal and enamel. It's permanence.